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Our advanced construction process has been carefully engineered to give you a strong, beautiful home from the foundation to the roof, and everything in between.

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Built Smart

How We Build

Our homes are built inside climate-controlled facilities using high quality materials and handcrafted with structural strength and durability. Every detail of your home is inspected to ensure your home is built to the best quality that can last a lifetime.

Homes with you in mind


Building homes takes hard work, but what about building homes that are beautiful and strong? Homes that are affordable and energy efficient? That doesn't take just hard work. You have to be smart, too. HouseSmart® is how we approach everything we do.

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A new, stylish and innovative category of homes

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to achieve the dream of homeownership, which is why we helped develop a new category of homes called CrossMod™. This new category of off-site built homes is an industry movement to offer a more attainable alternative to site-built homes for Americans.

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Save Energy and Money

Save money daily in an Energy Smart home with features like the programmable ecobee thermostat, upgraded insultation, Low- E windows and Rheem® dual element water heater that all work together to keep your home temperatures regulated in the most efficient way. With all these energy efficient features, you can save resources and reduce energy costs.

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Any Questions?

What’s the difference between a manufactured home and a modular home?

Manufactured homes are built entirely inside our climate-controlled home building facilities to federal HUD Code regulations and come in three sizes: single wide, double wide and triple wide. They can be placed on a permanent foundation and some models can be placed on a basement, but can be relocated with the help of an experienced contractor if not placed on a permanent foundation. Modular homes are also built inside climate-controlled home building facilities. However, they are built according to all state, local and/or regional codes for where the home will be located. They are typically built in two sections but can be built in up to five sections depending on the size and are constructed on a permanent foundation.

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Can I make changes to the floor plan I choose?

Many of our homes can be altered and upgraded to create your ideal dream home. Some homes have more customizable and upgradable options than others, but with countless floor plans available, we are sure we can help you find the perfect floor plan to fit your budget and lifestyle. Let us know which floor plan you’re interested in, and we’ll let you know what is customizable.

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What energy efficient features do you offer in your homes?

Our signature Energy Smart Home is loaded with energy saving features designed to give you Year-Round Comfort and a Lifetime of Savings. Some of the features included are low-e windows, energy efficient water heaters and programmable thermostats – just to name a few. Check out the Energy Smart Home page of our site to learn more.

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